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9/11 + 20

     Twenty years on from that horrendous day, where is the American identity and where is the national unity? In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the American nation was united in sorrow and determination, however 20 years on and the country seems more divided than ever. Tribalism governs the conflicting political views and opinions on anything and everything. At the tail end of the pandemic and in the wake of the civil unrest relating to the fight for racial justice the country is being ripped apart by anger, fear and resentment. A large part of the blame can quite obviously be laid at the feet of the orange faced idiot that inexplicably was allowed to run the country for 4 years. However leaving the single most irritating f*ckturd aside, what has happened? Where did it all go wrong?  Thinking of all those people that lost their lives and the people that were left behind, what would they make of the America of today? A nation so divided and angry, communities not coming t

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