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The magnificent trees of Wantage

 Wantage has some of the most wonderful trees. I mean, just really, really cool trees. Every time I go on my dog walks and pass one of these trees, I stop and think, damn! that's a super cool tree! I love trees, and I love woodland and forests even more. What's better than walking amongst these majestic sentries of mother earth, hundreds of years old, silently watching the world go by. Especially now, with all the magnificent autumn colours.  On my usual loop around Wantage, taking in Betjeman Millennium Park, there are a few incredible specimen of birch, oak and evergreens.  I am reading a book by Peter Wohlleben, called The Hidden Life of Trees . A wonderful insight into the ecology and social nature of trees. Wohlleben puts forward an exceptionally moving argument for the social network of the worlds trees and how they care for each other. Seeing the beautifully aged trees around Wantage you can absolutely accept the idea of these wonderful species communication with each ot

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