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Hip Hip Hooray!

 Nothing makes you feel quite as old as having hip replacement surgery at the age of 41. You see, I was always taught that sport is good for you, it's healthy. Well, I'm not going to lie to you, after 2 hip operations, 2 knee operations, numerous broken fingers, both eyelids stitched and glued, both eyebrows split and stitched, a torn rotator cuff, advanced arthritis, 2 hernia's and a wash-list of cuts, fractures, contusions, scrapes and bruises, I'm starting to waver slightly... Sure, if I weigh up the pros and cons it's not a total disaster. Not on the withdrawal from Kabul scale, or the "hey I know, let's leave the EU!" magnitude, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a romping victory either. The Germans have a saying, 'Sport ist Mord', translated as, sport is murder. That seems more fitting, although possibly a little too extreme in the opposite direction.  So I'm currently in my fourth week of hip replacement recovery and beside the

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