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Seek - the world around you!

I discovered a brilliant app a while ago. An app that all children should have on their phones (if they have one!). The Seek app makes use of your phone’s camera to identify flora and fauna in the natural world around you. You can take your phone into your garden, point it at a plant or animal and the app will tell you what you're looking at. Not only will it identify the species but it will immediately provide a description and taxonomy of the species. Sometimes you might need to wriggle your phone around a bit, depending on light and movement of the object but it works remarkably well and is uncannily accurate. By adding observations to your collection you can also earn badges and participate in challenges. What a fantastic way to introduce your children to the natural world and allow them to learn about different species. One project we started at home was identifying every single plant and animal species in our garden, including our fox red Labrador… 

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