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The Swiss Army Knife

I've always been a massive Angus MacGyver nut. My brother and I used to watch it religiously when we were little kids. Sure I watched Knightrider, Airwolf and the A-team of course, but to me MacGyver was a real hero. Hated violence, loved the outdoors and hockey. He was always kind, and of course the best bit, he could dismantle a tank with his trusty swiss army knife! Having lived in Switzerland for almost a decade, with a dad who was a collector of just about anything and everything he found cool, I have seen and used just about every variety of Swiss army knife that was made. From the classic, standard options to the Swiss champ, 50 function ones with a wood-saw, screwdriver and magnifying glass included.  However, about 15 years ago I was gifted a small, classic Victorinox pocket knife from my father-in-law and I can honestly say I use it almost every day. It lives in my left hand trouser pocket and sees action for a whole variety of ridiculous tasks all the time. From retrie

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