New Age Cricket

Is Twenty20 cricket taking over from test match cricket or will the classic form of the game survive? This is the big question this summer in the world of cricket.

With the inaugural IPL season behind us, drawing huge crowds across India, and the possibility of yet more international players succumbing to the lure of making around 1,000 dollars per run, will the 5 day game be left to half empty stadiums of 50 and over true lovers of the old game?

With each test nation expected to play 10 test matches a year along with approximately 30 one day matches and the subsequent 20-20 matches, where will the big ICC events fit in? The ICC Champions Trophy, the World Cup

IF these 3 forms of the game along with any other 'rebel' breakaway leagues are able to coexist and thrive are we not moving towards Americanification of this sport, where for example in the NBA each team plays 82 regular season games before they really start earning their money in the end of season playoffs?

Sure we all want to see as much of the sports superstars on the box and due to this, have no issue with the players earning ridiculous amounts of money for doing so, but is this overcrowded calendar not ultimately affecting the players' performance and subsequently the entertainment?

Just look at sports like football, especially the premiership where the players have such a grueling schedule that they are subsequently incapable of performing for their country.

Cricket has finally become a truely professional game where money is the name of the game. Soon the frontpages of the national newspapers will be litered with stories of Simon Jones brawling west end clubs and Kevin cheating with a handfull of Indian cheerleaders.

Something has to give in this scenario the only question is, which form of the game will suffer?


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