Sunday Times Home Delivery

Sunday Morning 08.30 am...

We have recently subscribed to the Sunday Times for home
delivery on Sundays and I absolutely love it.
There is nothing quite like staying in bed on a sunday morning accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee, some croissants (conveniently bought the day before of course) and the Sunday newspaper. The never ending Sunday Newspaper might I add. There are about 8 sections to the paper not counting the 3 magazines and reading every article would require you to refrain from any other activity including eating and sleeping, and call in sick for the first 3 days of next week. Beautiful.

Having to compete with the interweb the home delivery service was always going to suffer a substantial blow. That is only going to get worse I suspect, as people get more used to being informed by their computer and updated "on the go". Mobile information is taking over.
You just need to look at the emergence of the numerous, parasitic, rush hour free newspapers like the Metro, that are manhandled down your throat (once I actually had a MetroManiac chase me down the street with his last Metro - as if I wasn't going to find 3 million copies stranded on the Victoria line). People wish to stay informed and travel all at the same time so that when they get home they can watch Big Brother and Eastenders on TV...much more important. Thats how busy we all are nowadays.

But for me, Sunday mornings have once again become what Sunday mornings are meant to be.
Cozy, relaxing but most of all homely...


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