3-Dimensional Entertainment

The Future or a Flop?

My first 3D experience was a Star Wars style space adventure at Disney World some 18 years ago. I had only grown a handfull of pubes at the time but I still remember it being pretty amazing. The picture jumping out at you unexpectedly from behind those silly red and blue paper glasses literally adds a whole new dimension to the viewing experience. 

Now the hype is back and with the sales of HD Television drying up the big manufacturers are pushing the medium like never before. Companies such as Samsung and Philips have already brought out early 3D TV prototypes without the need of 3D glasses.  

As my compatriot so eloquently explains, we can expect the 3D technology to initially be used in the advertising market to really grab consumers attention. Another booming market that will really benefit from 3D technology is the Gaming industry. That's something that I'm excited about. The possibilities of engaging the consumer in a game become endless. 

The question remains however, will 3D televisions take off like HD did? Although the technology is there to portray 3D in the living room without the need of 3D glasses (autostereoscopic), the image is not as clear as with the glasses and will cause headaches if viewed for any length of time. Also, will people want to fork out more cash to upgrade from HD to 3D?  

Truth be told, I think we are a good few years away from bringing quality 3-Dimensional Entertainment into our living rooms. 


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