East Grinstead vs Hampstead (0-3)

It's all in our Hands now...

We started the day 1 point behind Southgate. We needed to win and ideally Southgate needed to drop some points for a change of guard to materialize at the top of the league. 

We lost our home game 2-1 against these muppets so it wasn't going to be easy. Plus we were again missing a number of key players. The journey down took about half a day and by the time we got there we had to adjust our watches, recover from jet-lag and slowly acclimatise. Seeing we arrived 30 minutes from pushback that wasn't going to be an issue although Luke's waking comment of "I have a semi erection"  halfway through the journey disturbingly stuck with me well into the first half. 

Having destroyed East Grinstead on numerous occasions in my glory years down on the south coast I was well aware that we might well need to don our red away shirts due to a clash of white. However seeing I was the only one to bring a red shirt we were all honored to slip into my Queens Royal colour. This could only be a good thing. Henceforth the result was no longer in doubt for me and so we started brightly. But EG also started brightly and hence the first half was an ebb and flow affair. We had a number of close quarter chances but just couldn't find the target. Half time 0-0.

We started the second half with much more intensity and were immediately creating chances. Building from a solid back line we were starting to flow, penetrating through the middle and around the back through Garth and Brothers Troy. This led to a number of short corners that Claw eventually capitalised on and put us 1-0 up. This seemed to break the shackles that held us back and unleashed wave after wave of attacking fury. EG crumbled like the English cricket team's batting lineup and soon we were again stationed at the top of the D. Garth, back from waterboy duty with the 2's, unleashed the perfect drag flick against the inside of the left post. I'm glad he took my advice on board. 

The remaining 15 minutes was Champagne hockey from Hampstead leading to the sexiest goal of the game, a perfectly executed counter attack that was chested in by Lindsay. 

Back in the clubhouse we watched Manchester United, the league leaders, get trounced by Liverpool and hoped that the same scenario applied to our league. 20 minutes later and our prayers were answered, Southgate lost to Old Loughts 3-1 and we regain top spot.

Next week our double header Finale to the season. 
Saturday Surbiton, Sunday sponging students...


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