NBA Finals: Lakers - Magic

My boy is back to exorcise some demons...

Jelly Bean Jr back in the NBA Finals. This time he will face Howard and the Orlando Magic.
Knowing him he'll be disappointed they're not playing Boston again. He'd have liked to rectify their horrible collapse from last year.

It's going to be a difficult series with some match-up issues for LA. The Magic won the season series 2-0 with one of which a serious blow-out. If their shooters get going they're hard to slow down. They always find open spots on the floor due to the defensive collapse around Howard. Hedo, Rashard, Pietrius, they have all been on fire in the playoffs and especially against Cleveland. Hedo is deceptively quick and a great ballhandler. Rashard can blow hot and cold, but when he's hot he's scorching. 

Alot is going to depend on whether LA can contain Howard in the middle without disregarding the outside shot. If Pau and Bynum can do a job in the middle and Bryant and Ariza can stay tight on the outside defensively the Lakers should win it. Defense, like so many times will win this. Offensively both teams are solid but key plays on the defensive end will ultimately make the difference in this series. Can Orlando stop KB? Can the LA big men contain Superman?

Where will Amazing happen...Let's find out!!


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