Checkmate or Knockout

Let's get ready to rumbllleeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Before my hockey game last Saturday a friend of mine tried to explain to me what he got up to on Friday night. After about 3 attempts I gave up. He was rambling on about boxing and playing chess. He was clearly hungover from the night before. However after the game, having sweated out the alcohol he gave it one more try and explained more clearly what he had been up to on Friday night.

It's the new hype. Fight club meets Chess club. Brains and Brawns collide in the boxing ring.

alternates rounds of full on slugging (3 minutes) with rounds of chess (4 minutes). The idea being that the competitors are tested mentally and physically by 2 of the most classic thinking and fighting sports.

Ding ding ding.

The World Chessboxing Organisation is hosting more and more events around the world. Based in Germany, where the first world championships were held in 2008 the sport is growing substantially and the UK has since opened it's first chessboxing club in London.

The event my friend went to see was held at The Boston Dome at Tufnell Park in North London.
If it was anything as exciting as he made it out to be I want to be there for the next fight!


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