Picture Perfect Wedding

Friday 8th of January

Our wonderful wedding year started early. The first week of the year saw us travelling up north to the birthplace of one of my hero's, Charles Darwin. Born in February 1809 at The Mount House in Shrewsbury, it is not difficult to see why the Darwin family settled there. Located in Shropshire on the banks of the river Severn the surrounding landscape is stunning.

We stayed the night at the Albrighton Hall Hotel and Spa where the electricity ran on a generator due to a gas explosion in the centre of Shrewsbury. So when they switched the electricity back to the main power supply we were plunged into total darkness for about 15 minutes! Having lived in London for so long you forget what 'the pitch black of night' really means.

The wedding was being held at Rowton Castle, just a few miles outside of Shrewsbury. When we arrived just around dusk a blanket of snow covered the grounds surrounding the castle and the whole scene was magical.

The food was very special and the entertainment was also fairly unique...

All in all it was a great wedding and an amazing venue.


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