Andre Agassi - Open

Andre Agassi has always been one of my favourite sports personalities. A naturally gifted sportsman driven from a young age by his father to the top of the game. A tortured soul struggling with life's pressures.

This autobiography is a thrilling roller-coaster ride through his career as a tennis player, from prodigy to master. When I heard Andre was bringing out an autobiography I was immediately interested in reading it. These days there are so many autobiographies out there that represent a genuine anomaly it's a crime to literature. Take for example Wayne Rooney's My Life So Far, or Steven Gerrard's autobiography. I mean, what in the world could Wayne Rooney, aged 20 at the time have to tell the world apart from, wake up, kick a ball, eat, kick a ball, score a goal, win a match, celebrate, play some more football.... Let's be honest, when you're 20 years old no matter how big a deal you are in your chosen profession, you simply do not have enough interesting things to say to warrant an autobiography.

Agassi was probably the last great personality on the tennis circuit and this book takes you back to those glory days. Read it.


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