Winter X Games 2025 Champion

Now I'm not a big fan of snowboarders but if you have this kind of balance at the tender age of 12 months, I'm pretty confident that by the time you're 10 you won't be sitting on your derrière in the middle of the piste with Bolle goggles perched on top of your ridiculous looking hat, struggling to keep your trousers halfway up above your knees, crashing after every 2 inch backside 360 goofy to fakey whilst trying to wave the latest hand signals to your friends.


When you've only spent 365 days on this planet, filled around 1,000 diapers with brown matter, not yet worked out what your actual name is and don't yet grasp the concept of weight distribution, this is pretty impressive...

I'm going to make sure my little niece, arriving any moment now (hurry up Anne!) is able to display similar skills by that age. Just not on a snowboard. Way too easy...


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