Wing Mirrors on bicycles...

WHILE cycling, if you are incapable of looking over your shoulder to check for traffic, other cyclists or pedestrians you should not be allowed to own a bicycle and people who install wing mirrors on the end of their handle bars should be shot.

Like the invention of windshield wipers on headlights they are surplus to requirement and people who have them should not be allowed out of the house. Not only are they more dangerous than safe, having one of these installed instantly infects the user with bell-ringitis. This is a behavioural disorder similar to Turrets that forces the person to ring their bell at pretty much everything that moves. I once witnessed an infected cyclist ring his bell at an aeroplane on its approach into Heathrow.

Needless to say, if you run into anyone with wing mirrors on their bicycle, and you get the chance, punch them in the face.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cyclist.


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