Singapore - Day 9

Saturday 24 September

My Birthday!!

After Friday's practice sessions it was now time for the real thing, qualifying. My ears hadn't quite recovered from the noise and I still had a whiff of dirty Martini's on my breath but apart from that I was raring to go.

The weather was perfect, again, which was odd because the entire week the forecast had been for rain at the weekend however somehow the weather made a miraculous last minute turnaround. Chloe was convinced that the Singapore government manipulate the weather around the Singapore GP. This dangerous assumption is based on the fact that in 2010 the weather forecast prior to the GP was also predicting heavy rainfall, yet somehow come Friday's practice session there wasn't a drop of rain in the air.

We went for lunch at PS Café on Harding Road. Located in renowned Dempsey Hill, an old British army barracks this cozy little spot was the perfect location to recover from the previous nights margarita overdose. Situated in lush greenery and with its 60's architectural style PS Café is a chilled out expat hangout.

Once the girls got their hands on the red elixir the world was instantly a happier place....

Whereas the boys were still lost in the labyrinth of struggle-ville, unable to find the exit...

After that lovely start to my birthday with our engines revved up again we headed home to get ready for the evening session and qualifying. But before we headed out we had a little tipple to celebrate my birthday and life in general...

After a number of toasts we were off into town for the evenings entertainment and eardrum-splitting noise that stays with you for days. We walked around the track and I tried to get some good shots of the cars whizzing past which is a lot harder than you'd think. Below are some of my more successful attempts.


Di Resta



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