Cheyne Walk Brasserie

Cheyne Walk Brasserie is a cosy little French restaurant on the north bank of the Thames. I've been there a number of times now and have not as yet been disappointed. The food is simple and well made. The meat and fish gets prepared on an open grill on the fringe of the dining area which I find very charming.

The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant and resembles a romantic brasserie on the Champs Elysees or Cote d'Azur hills. The rich smells from the open oven enhance the experience.

Situated on the bank of the Thames with views of Albert bridge a window table is advisable. The upstairs salon has lovely riverside views.

This is a perfect place for a slightly different sunday lunch than you're used to in London or for a long Friday night dinner with friends or just the two of you. Thumbs up!


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