A day in the Hampshire countryside...

Sunday  4th March 2012

Last weekend we spent Sunday in the Hampshire countryside, enjoying the tail end of the British winter. 

Countryside Creek

To appreciate the British winter properly you really need to head into the countryside. Everything is more accentuated in the countryside in late winter. The smell of burning wood from a chimney, the sound of geese passing over. The patter of rain on damp leaves, the rustling of holly bushes and the crack of a twig underfoot. If you stop to think about it, this winter scenery, bland and miserable to many is in actual fact a wonderful thrill ride for the senses. 

The Lone Ranger

The walk down meandering footpaths through field and glade is only the start. Once you get back home, feeling a little tired and ready to relax, you light the fire, pour a glass of wine with the nibbles and you all huddle around in the living room. Feet up.

Late afternoon shimmer



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