Finally! The Dutch back to their glorious best!

To be honest, I was getting a little bored with the whole thing. Reaching the world cup final is one thing but not one proper internal crisis within the team during the entire tournament?! Come ooooon! What is this? Amateur hour?!

So, witnessing our ignominious exit from Euro 2012 fills me with much hope that the true order is restored. Well done boys, I couldn't be more proud of you! I suggest you all have an extra tattoo emblazoned on your arses, "Euro 2012" on one cheek and "We're back!" on the other. 

There are other benefits. With all that winning business my wardrobe was slowly turning into some ridiculous collection of orange coloured garments. You'd almost think I had ambitions of joining the bloody circus. And let's be honest, nobody likes the French. 

So here we are, normal order resumed, our national pride restored. An expectant nation let down and put in our place by those humourless eastern neighbours. Beautiful. I wouldn't want it any other way...


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