Chloe & Graham's Wedding

Friday 6 July

We checked into Pelham House, a hotel just off the high street in Lewes on Thursday evening. Pelham House is a lovely 16th century town house that has been converted into a hotel. We checked in had a shower and made our way to the bar for some drinks with close family and friends of the bride and groom. Pelham house has a lovely garden at the back that overlooks the south downs.

Drinks went on longer than we had planned and so Saturday morning was more painful than we had planned. In the morning a quick shower and coffee straightened us out and I walked Charles over to Chloe's folks house past the town green. I made my way back to the hotel and had a snooze watching Wimbledon.

I woke up and realised I'd slept through my alarm and was late to meet the girls waiting for me to head over to the church in Firle. Turns out the others were just as late as I was and so I had time for a coffee.

Arriving at the Ram in Firle the groom and ushers were bustling around, all nerves and excitement. Best man Adam was shaking so much he couldn't get his boutonnière on. Photo's were next...

so cool

After a few pints of Dutch courage everybody headed off to the church for the wedding ceremony which was a lovely service taken by the reverend Peter Owen-Jones. The same Peter Owen-Jones who presented the BBC documentary series Around the World in 80 Faiths. How exciting!

After the ceremony we headed back to Chloe's fathers house where the dinner reception was held. The sun came out and everything seemed to fall into place for the newly married couple!

....and then we partied


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