Olympic Hockey Final

11 August 2012

What an amazing day! After what can only be described as the perfect semi-final (GB 2 - NED 9) the Dutch men's team were to meet the arch rivals in the final. Die Nachbarn....

I had secured 2 tickets for the final and as my brother and his heavily pregnant girlfriend were on their way back home to Holland Charlie and I made our way to the Riverbank Arena for the last game of the olympic hockey tournament. 

The German supporters were outnumbered at roughly 10:1 and must have felt like a sprinkling of Edelweiss amongst a sea of orange Tulips. Loud orange tulips. The atmosphere was great all the same. No 1940's hostility at the olympics. No. I think this generation is finally growing out of that. Thankfully. That doesn't negate the fact that they're all still a bunch of boring potato farmers without any real friends. But let's not dwell on it...

The game started off tense and Germans had clearly worked out a defensive style of hockey that negated the Dutch speed and flair that they had shown all tournament. Few chances each way..

For some of the Dutch legends like Teun de Nooijer it was their last competitive international game so the desire to finish on a high was immense...

...alas it was not to be. Those filthy Germans did it again. Nevertheless the experience was unforgettable.

Team spirit
Medal Ceremony (stadium was empty when the gold for Germany was announced)

I am so privileged to have been a part of this once in a lifetime event. An olympic hockey final. It doesn't get more special than that. I would never have imagined that I would ever have been able to witness such a special day. Sport is what I live for. It has given me so much in my life and I will never forget my Olympic experience!


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