Alice?? Who the fuck is Alice??!

The Alice House

On the corner of Salusbury and Brondesbury road in Queen's Park, The Alice House is my new Central Perk. The only real difference being that instead of a bleached blond, gay waiter serving you your coffee you get friendly, cute waitresses smiling at you asking if you're okay. 

This cozy local is everything you want from a coffee house. Lovely wood and brick based interior, classic slow rock tunes playing at just the right volume, plenty of seating, fantastic food, and a relaxed atmosphere. They even have a private hire section at the back called the Library, available for up to 60 people. How fantastically geeky!

View from the leather sofa...

I now spend a substantial amount of time here whenever I want to have a coffee by myself or for breakfast in the weekends with friends. Although it might get a little busy with mummies around midday during the week the Alice House is big enough to be able to evade the toddler tantrums. 

It also tends to get busy on Friday and Saturday evenings when the quiet coffee house turns into a bustling gastropub filled with would be suiters and the who's who of the local Queens Parkers...Queen's Parkians....QP's....Queens? 

Amazing lighting setup

Anyway, even though she's never actually invited me in, In fact I haven't a scooby who Alice actually is, I do love Alice's House.



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