Everyman Cinema

What dreams are made of...

Last week we went to see Les Miserable in the new Maida Vale Everyman cinema and I can safely say it was a fantastic experience. I am reluctant to write about it because with the millions of visitors to my site I am worried about exposing this beautiful little secret! Located on Sutherland Avenue just by the Warrington Pub owned by Gordon Ramsay, the cinema is a cozy, comfortable little independent picture house that is as far away from the mainstream, mass public theatres you see on most city high streets.

You can enjoy a glass of wine and stretch your legs during the presentation making you feel almost like you are in your own living room. First opened in December 1933 the Hampstead Everyman is one of Britain's oldest independent cinemas! I love the stylish and friendly environment of these independent picture houses. Especially the Maida Vale theatre near us. It is warm and personal and gives me a lovely film experience. You really feel like you are escaping into a fantasy world. And that's what going to the cinema should be. It should be an escape to an imaginary world for a few hours in peaceful and quaint surroundings. That is what the Everyman cinema provides.

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre.
                                                                          - Roman Polanski


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