iPhone 5 - The worst mobile telephone I've ever had!


Let's start with a short list of the more frustrating issues:

1. It will no longer charge
(only works if I bend the charging wire tightly around the phone to generate a connection)
2. The ON/OFF button on the top of the phone no longer works (at all!)
3. Fully charged battery lasts anywhere between 20 minutes and 3 hours and can turn off at any moment, unannounced (this is with all background updated turned off, no apps running in the background etc etc).

I could go on but lets leave it for now because it's too depressing to talk about. I have not been able to turn my phone off with a simple click of the button for over a year now.

How have Apple's iPhone's gone downhill this bad? How have they got it this wrong with their latest phone? People say they went downhill once Jobs passed away. Upon hearing this I would always think to myself, common, one man can not have THAT much influence over a brand's direction and product quality. Having owned an iPhone 5 I doubt myself.

I have now upgraded to an iPhone 6 and have never been so grateful for being able to turn my phone off with a simple press of a button. Let's hope this lasts and the iOS updates keep innovating! With Iovine, the man behind the Dre Beats phenomenon, now part of the Apple family (employed to reinvent iTunes) things should at least improve in that department!

iFingers crossed.


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