Mayweather vs Manny

Let's get ready to Ruummmmbbbbbbbbbbllllllllleeeeeeee!!

The fight of the century is finally on. They've made us wait, they've made us sweat they've even made some people cry, but the wait is now over.

This is one of those fights that we will talk about 50 years from now. Long after we've started inhabiting planet Mars, scientologists realised they have mental problems and Wayne Rooney finishes writing his 25th "autobiography", we will still be talking about this fight, whatever happens.

The humble boy from the streets of Manilla against the cocky, money loving boy from humble beginnings. The people's champion against the self proclaimed champion. The boxer of the decade versus the self proclaimed boxer of the decade. The best against the best.

Manny will have to win in dominant fashion to get the decision if it goes to the scorecards because at the end of the day he is still fighting away from home. I think he can do it. I don't think Mayweather has knockout power anymore so even if he catches Manny which he undoubtedly will because he's a very clever counter punching boxer, I don't think he will trouble Manny. He will side step Pacquiao's southpaw advances and catch him with his right hook but without that knockout power I can't see him do real damage other than score points. Manny Pacquiao will throw his usual array of combinations and Floyd will duck, dive and weave as he always does. He will be able to make Pacquiao miss a decent amount of his punches but Pacquiao is a very accurate puncher and pick his shots very carefully so Mayweathers defence will have to be near perfect.

I hope Manny Pacquiao wins the fight because he is an attractive, attacking fighter, a humble man and an inspiring role model for his home country, The Philippines.

The 2nd of May is going to be very special. I can't wait!


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