A man's (new) best friend!

              Surely one of the saddest developments in the evolution of man is its increased dependence on technology. Where did we lose the love of a good book in front of the fire, an engaging conversation with our loved ones or a long walk with our original best friend in favour of hours of head slumping, eyes ruining, social media dribbling, thumb flicking wasting of our precious time. We would rather pet our smartphones than our furry friends! There's something sick in that, whichever way you look at it!

Good talk...

Are our phones replacing our faithful friend as our companion of choice?

             The competitive problem the hairy little tail waggers face these days is that the modern smart phone provides not only instant access to all of its owners "friends", it now functions as its owners credit card, newspaper (which no longer needs to be fetched by the hairy one), calendar, shopping assistant, shop, games console, map, dictionary, boom box, camera, television & personal cinema, source of 99% of "our" knowledge, books, take away menus, health companion, travel companion, work & business companion and of course an unlocked vault to the amazing world of online porn. How does the poor little bastard compete with that?!

Take a walk through the city on a midweek morning and you will witness man's love affair with his smart phone all around. Heads down, flicking away on those little devices in our own isolated world. Social media is making us less social, less attractive, more annoying and an awful lot dumber all at the same time! So why do the majority of us enjoy it so much? Is it materialism? Self promotion? Voyeurism?

Whatever it is t's putting a strain on our "best friend" tag with our quadrupedal friends. There is a serious possibility that we will be substituted as best friends by the grey squirrel. Dogs love those mangy tree hugging toilet brushes. So let us make a concerted effort to put our phones away and cuddle our fluffy friends more!

The simple truth is a dog reminds us of the real joys of life. Always happy to see you and not a care in the world.


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