Snowdrops: a true sign of spring

When the first snowdrops poke their head out of mother earth’s hearty soil, for me, Spring has arrived. These vibrant white beauties are like the bells that announce the coming of spring. They are the gatekeepers of spring , banishing winter for another year. They break through snow and frost to tell the world in the purest possible way, that winter is receding and warm weather is on the way. 
Brave little soldiers, heroic in their quest, they banish winter deamons and puff out their chest. The purest of pure white, shining like a beacon, announcing warmer times as the cold begins to weaken. Transforming worrysome frowns into hopeful smiles, while mother earth turns white for miles and miles. Leading the way from grey to green, more and more every day the bells of spring can be seen. Lightening the burden and opening the heart, they lay down the red carpet for the spring to start! Snowdrops


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