The age of the Suit is dying

Suit up!

For as far back as I can remember my dad left for work in the morning suited and booted and came home from the office in the evening still in a suit and tie. My dad travelled the world as an international trainings manager. Leading a training session of sometimes 30 pupils would require a presentable attire.

With the revolution of the casual workplace the suit seems to be dying a slow but inevitable death. There is a distinct correlation between this and the digital revolution, where tech company etiquette has brought on a less formal dress code at the workplace. The Zuckerberg effect.

In some industries the suit is still alive and kicking of course but on the whole we are seeing a decline of the well dressed man. Is this indicative of the loss of structure and discipline in the current working generations? Or is it a sign that society has become less conformist and more rebellious. We don't want to be judged equally but rather want to be seen as individuals. We feel confident enough to dress as we are and not as we are expected to. Military duty is no longer compulsory.

But is this a good thing? I don't think so. Wearing a suit is telling those you are meeting that you care. You care about your appearance and you care about them enough to want to impress them. That is a noble gesture. And since when has wanting to look like a classic gentleman been a bad thing?

The world needs more suits. Plus, look at it this way, when you wear a nice suit, you can pretend to be Bond. James Bond. Winning!


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