Blinded by the light

With Christmas approaching fast, I want to give homage to those who contribute most to the celebration of light. Those that light up the night on their 2 wheels. These vigilantes move amongst us as normal citizens during the day but at night they come out and fight the darkness with their stadium strength lights. They are the champions of the road, the real life Batmen...

...Batmen in their minds maybe. These idiots aspire to be like the sun. They are determined to blind every other road user. They use up more energy for their bike lights than Oxford Street does for their Christmas lights. I hate these people.

It's dangerous and it should be policed. I have a simple solution. If your bike lights are brighter than 20 lumen's you should receive one public lashing. Preferably in Trafalgar Square. If your bike lights are brighter than 30 lumen's you should receive 2 lashings and so on and so forth.

Bike lights are not meant to blind people, they are not meant to penetrate walls or illuminate the moon. Bike lights are there to be seen. In a city you don't need to light the ground in front of you because every street is lit up already. On dark stretches where there are no street lights you wont need bright lights because your light will seem much brighter in complete darkness.

Let Christmas be the celebration of light and not your bicycle.


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