If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

If I had to eat the same meal from now until the end of time it would obviously have to be something you never get sick of. A pulled pork sandwich with all the trimmings is pretty bloody amazing of course but if you'd have to ship those fuckers every single meal you'd get sick of them pretty quick. 

Besides that you have to consider health. Eating a cheeseburger everyday for the rest of your life would probably mean you don't make it past your thirties. But for the sake of this hypothetical argument lets leave the health aspect out of it. This might not scan with the generation Z, tree hugging gender fluids but who cares, they can stick to their plant burgers and keeee nwaaaa.

Anyway, high on my list would have to be a classic Italian Neapolitan pizza. Simple but beautiful. Could I eat it everyday. Yes. 

Another one on my list would be a spaghetti carbonara with bacon. It was one of my dad's favourites and I also could easily eat this every day. 

However the winner quite easily is a classic Dutch patatje met. There isn't any better street food anywhere on the planet. I grew up on these beauties and literally cannot get enough of them. My mum would roll her eyes at me when I insisted on a familie zak of patat met from the local frites winkel when we were only ordering for the two of us. My brother still does the same today.

As the saying goes; "gevarieerd eten is belangrijk, daarom eet ik frietjes soms met een vork en soms met m'n hand"


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