So what about Brexit NOW then?

So here we are. Four and a half years later. It's been like having toothache for an extended period of time, knowing you're going to have your teeth pulled out and not knowing if it will fix the problem. 

A lot of Leave voters say ‘stop complaining, it’s democracy!’ Well democracy doesn’t always work. If five people democratically elect to take your iPhone, it’s still a mugging!

It's been a hard watch being a dutchman living on this lump of land in the north seas. My thoughts throughout this entire process has always been that I understand the desire for more independence, national identity and taking some control back however with the open world we live in today it is almost impossible to isolate yourself. 

However, now balls deep in Disney plus and having reacquainted ourselves with the misery that is scrolling through utterly dire and pointless Instagram photos of our "friends'" children building an exact replica of Arundel from 500 toilet rolls and calling it 'home schooling', we are getting a taste of what isolation might look like. 

If and when the world finally does crawl out of their piyamas and we all work out how deodorant works again, Brexit might not look quite so appealing anymore! The fact that a Portuguese and a Kiwi nurse saved Bojo's life is surely the mother of all irony's. 


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