Getting Gnarly at The Wave

 A few weeks back we visited The Wave in Bristol with some friends. 

The Wave is a state of the art inland manmade surf destination that opened in 2019.  It's made of two huge wave pools separated by a jetty. It's located in the middle of some fields on the outskirts of Bristol and is surrounded by a restaurant, a bar, a shop and a glamping option called The Camp at the Wave

What a cool place! Apart from the fact that the majority of the staff genuinely think they are Bodhi from Point Break, riding skateboards and saying gnarly every five minutes for no particular reason at all. 

Surfs up dude

You can book yourself in for an hour long surfing lesson of differing abilities or just splash around in the surf with a bodyboard, which is what we did. The waves are pretty impressive (up to 2m in height) and cater to even the best surfers. The surf is generated by Wavegarden Cove Technology, a new energy technology that replicates the exact water particle movement from ocean ground swells. Pretty cool. 

As soon as Little M has mastered her swimming I suspect we'll be spending a lot of time here, rippin' down some serious waves and hassling the Hasselhoff wannabes! 

Yo, Johnny! I see you in the next life!


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