Eye language

I've become a master of eye language. I can tell if someone is smiling, angry or turning their nose up at me. Looking to the left, they're trying to remember something, almost as if looking behind them into history. Looking to the right they're probably being deceitful. Looking down they're insecure and looking up, dependent on their head tilt and eyebrow activity could mean a number of things.

Poker Eyes

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed the compulsory face mask has been scrapped. I'm banking on the high anxiety, face mask lovers to continue wearing theirs well into 2025. That way I can continue to fine tune my eye language skills. 

Eyes are incredibly descriptive. You can eye point to an object of interest, you can emphasise something you are explaining and you can portray a long list of emotions using your eyes. Then there's the stress blinkers and those dead behind the eyes...


If nothing else comes from the global pandemic then at least we should all be better at reading each others eyes! 


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