Blacklock (Covent Garden)

I met up with a few of my old hockey buddies in London for dinner at Blacklock, Covent Garden. This relatively new chain of traditional London chophouses champions the sustainable food movement by sourcing its meat locally (Cornwall), offsetting their impact by planting trees in the UK and Africa, minimising animal waste and farming less intensively. Their food isn't half bad also. We had their signature dish, the All-in, a meat feast sharing platter of beef, pork and lamb chops as well as charcoal grilled flatbreads. I also had a lovely glass of Tempranillo red. 

The atmosphere and decor were fine, your usual steak house, semi dark, chrome colours, slightly cocky waiters. Nothing special or new there. However, I did enjoy the open plan view into the kitchen. "All in" all an enjoyable dinner experience! 


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