Me, my iPhone and I

I have now had my iPhone for about 8 months and I have to say, I love it.
When I was standing in the Apple store just before Christmas last year it was a question of, do I really need it? I had always been perfectly content with my usual 'hand-downs' from either brother or girlfriend, so why would I buy myself the newest telecommunication gadget on the market?

I'm glad I let my girlfriend talk me into buying one because not only is it practical and easy to use, it is incredibly extensive and hugely entertaining.

It doesn't take any time at all to get used to and navigating through the menus is something my 3 year old sister could do. Now, I don't have a 3 year old sister but if I did, I'd buy her an iPhone for Christmas.

Not only does it allow me to instantly tell the time and weather in any world location of my choice, my navigational skills are infallible by quick and easy access to google maps at the touch of an icon. I have my entire iTunes library on my iPhone so I always have Michael Jackson ready to tell me 'I'm bad' and I can add an icon to my front screen allowing me instant access to any webpage I desire. Oh, my emails are also accessible, really fast. But it gets better...

I have just had a new 2.0 software update installed, allowing me to add useful, and some it must be said, ridiculously moot applications for my iPhone.
One application allows you to remotely control(through your wifi) what music your iTunes is banging out on your Apple Mac, wherever it may be in the house. Useful if not only for playing 'Eye of the Tiger' full volume at 07.00 am on a Monday morning, just when the missus is opening the curtains in the front room. Great.

I've got high hopes that soon my iPhone will allow me to teleport. Fingers crossed!


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