Sailing Trip Down Memory Lane

Brighton Coast, 25th of July 2008.

On a gloriously sunny Friday afternoon the Shopzilla support team headed out of London to my old stomping ground on the south coast. Brighton was going to be the location of an epic battle on the rough south seas.

Halfway through our lunch in Brighton Marina the skies opened up to reveal a perfect day for being out at sea. Blue skies, temperatures climbing 28 degrees celcius but with a sturdy wind to create the ideal sailing weather.

Following lunch it was time to meet our destiny. 
We headed down to the sailing club in the harbor and got our instructions and safety guidelines from two young lifelong sailing gurus. Then we headed out to the open sea...

Now you see, within the confines of the harbor walls everything seems peaceful and all rather calm, so naturally we felt pretty confident at this stage. However that all changed when we escaped the jaws of the harbor entry and entered an entirely different world. One which we didn't really anticipate. Luckily Katie, skipper of Mr Orange (beautiful I know), remained as calm as we so desperately needed and guided us out.

Soon after a course was set out and we were away and racing. Mr Orange left Mr Blue in its wake and before you knew it we were sailing over the finish line in first place. Not surprising really with the multicultural crew made up of a Swedish, an American and a Dutch contingent. Although at this stage our US ropes woman started turning an elegant shade of green and so as we had already secured the victory in a best of 3 race we decided to head back to more stable ground.

We gracefully shared out bottle of champaign with the losing crew and toasted to an all round spectacular day on the channel. 

We walked back along the seafront to enjoy some Pimms infront of the Honeyclub and then walked back through the north lanes where we stopped off in the Druids Head for another beverage to top it all off.

We eventually decided it was time to leave the coastal regions and head back north.
All in all it was a very special day for these Shopzilla Scallywags,


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