Hampstead vs Southgate (1-0)

Crucial Victory!

With the season winding down and a few points off the pace this home fixture was a must win if we were to have any further say in the outcome of this league. With a number of key players missing due to the usual ski holiday blitz we had only 12 to get the job done. 
Make that 11 after about 20 seconds. Captain gets a wicked deflection on the eyebrow which counts him out for the remainder of the game and will require a number of stitches.
We were exerting early pressure and for the most part of the first half we had them pinned in their end of the pitch. We created a handful of opportunities at goal including 2 one-on-one's with their goalkeeper but we couldn't get an end result. This has been a familiar problem all year. Half time 0-0.

At the start of the second half Southgate came out with about as much aggressive intent as a pitbull on steroids. Our defensive unit (that's all of them, not just Clawman) held on comfortably and provided the foundation for our subsequent attacking demolition of Softgate.
With a sparkle of Dutch magic and a sprinkle of youthful confidence once again we started finding the open spaces and creating chances. With about 10 minutes to play an exquisite bit of play down the right flank, Penners whipped in a dazzling cross which was met with cold blooded experience of our veteran striker, Mikey. 1-0. 

Now it was a question of shutting up shop, something we're as good at as George W is at public speaking. Our defensive unit stayed solid and Suffogate were starting to get agitated. A few skirmishes due to some unfortunate umpiring caused a bit of fragility amongst the Hampstead ranks. A fatherly word from the Law settled us down and we comfortably cruised to the win. Job done.

Next week Bromley & Beckenham away...


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