Pure and Simple Sporting Genius

There is something magical about the very best executing the most basic skills in sports. Some of the most amazing and memorable events in sports are those of the most simple human actions.

Take for example Bob Beaman's long jump in the 1968 Mexico summer Olympics. His jump of 8.90 meters was so long he jumped over the entire sandpit. His record stood for 23 years.

Watching Jesse Owens or Usain Bolt demolishing the opposition in a simple 100 meter sprint is exhilaratingly graceful. It makes you think, how can that one guy be so far ahead of the rest at such a basic art form? To me, those moments are truly amazing. Forget Tiger Woods hitting a hole in one or a Ronaldinho wonder goal from 30 yards, it is these most simple of sporting actions, executed at such a high level that represent the most breathtaking moments in sports.

Below is a video I came across that exemplifies this perfectly. A highlight of some of the best cricket catches of all time. The pure simplicity of catching a ball. It sounds so mundane, but I have watched this sequence countless times and I still get goosebumps every time... 


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