Dentists are like Referees

London, February 2009

Last week Friday I was reacquainted with the dentist and it re-established my hate for people who fiddle with my teeth. Why would you become a dentist? It's much like football referees. Why? All you try to do is help people but everybody only ever hates you. That can't be much fun. And you know what the funny thing is, dentists and referees are almost always really kind and gentle people, annoyingly so in fact.

Anyway, I had to have root canal treatment on 3 of my teeth. Something I don't wish on anyone. Eventhough the hour long treatment doesn't cause any pain, having your mouth gaping open for over 60 minutes with someone poking around inside is about as much fun as a fart in an elevator.

The treatment required the dentist to drill down into 3 of my teeth so he could access the dead tissue of the root. Subsequently he needed to poke around with dental bleach to kill off the bacteria and finally reseal the tooth.

Next week I have another appointment to discover if his treatment was successful.
I look forward to it...


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