Hampstead vs Oxford Students (2-0)

Schools out for Summer...

After Saturday's downer we had to re-motivate ourselves and do a job. We had to beat the students to setup the ultimate season finale against Surbiton.

Once we had removed the local ASBO youth from the pitch we got underway. It was clear that we weren't going to rest on our laurels. The work rate was high and we put them under early pressure. Pressure like they would only have felt prior to losing their virginity in year 3 of their Condensed Matter Physics degree. Soon we capitalised on a defensive mistake and we were 1 up.

Now we should seriously consider our second goal as potential goal of the season. The ball having come back off the goalkeeper, clean bowling LSR conjuring up memories of Mike Gatting and "that ball"...

...I was there to clean up his mess and with a gentle drop of the shoulder beat the defender, rolled the ball onto my backhand and subsequently unleashed a thing of beauty. Reminiscent of Barry Middletons strike in the inaugural season of the Euro Hockey League. Please witness the 3rd goal in the short compilation below...

That was the end of the student resistance. We brought it home with a professional win and a third clean sheet on the trot. It earned Pawar man of the match honours and all of us a date with destiny.

I can already smell the Champagne...or is it Campari...?


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