Food Poisoning is not as much fun as I thought

I was always under the impression that a good bout of food poisoning would be an ideal way to cleanse your system. Really flush it all out and start again. Green Tea? Detox? Overrated. Just spend a day on the poop hut with a bucket in hand and you're a new man.

Yeah, uuhhh not so much.

Turns out it kinda sucks. It started with abdominal cramps late Monday evening followed by a night of sweating and voming hell. Losing litres of fluids in one of the most unpleasant ways imaginable is one thing but the continuous stomach cramps every 30 seconds have given me a new appreciation for women complaining of period pains.

Whether it was a Campylobacter infection or Salmonella, it was clear that I caught it at our end of year Hockey Dinner being held at the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch . Turns out more than half the team suffered the exact same symptoms following the dinner on Saturday. I have to admit, there is some form of comfort in the knowledge that the majority of your team mates went through the same spectacular night of toilet banter.

After making a full recovery by Wednesday I was disapointed to find out I had not lost any weight nor did I feel any healthier. In other words, I don't recommend it.


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