Life at 30...

I will be 30 years old tomorrow.

I've lived through 4 decades. Boom.
The 70's were short but sweet. I got to shit myself whenever I felt like it and somebody else would clean it up. I got fed whenever I was hungry and I never had to walk anywhere. Transport was all arranged for me, no questions asked.
The 80's were exceptionally cool. I developed my social skills and got to watch cartoons all day long. I moved to Switzerland by the end of the decade and discovered that snow is amazing. I learned to play hockey and made friends from all over the world.
The 90's were pretty hot too. I grew pubes and discovered porn. I kissed a girl and I liked it. The launch of the Internet passed me by. I played sports 25 hours a day and learned to speak German. I had my first fist fight in the 90's and got totally bungalowed on 3 bottles of beer. Moved back to my place of birth and didn't have a haircut for 5 years. Finished school and relocated to an island.
The 00's were/are messy. Studied the territorial behaviour of sweet water cichlids and drank copious amounts of alcohol. I gained 10 kilos and met the girl of my dreams. Moved to London, bought a house, two cats and loving life.

Now turning 30, feeling 21 and at the turn of another decade I look forward to what the next 10 years have to offer. Bring it on.



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