3D for you and me

Way back in March of last year I wrote about the up and coming revolution of
3D Televisions. A year later and we have a bubbly market of new 3D ready and 3D technology.

More and more companies are bringing out new versions of the 3D technology. Walk into a high-street store these days and you will undoubtedly be inundated with the latest 3D technology on offer.

However, the technology behind the product is still not really up to scratch. More powerful processing capability is needed to be able to provide a quality 3D picture to people's homes.

As well as TV's, 3D laptops, projectors and notebooks are a market that large technology companies are now devoting time to. LG for example are bringing out a new range of 3D hardware. I find the idea of a full HD 3D projector rather arousing.

Hopefully in the next few years the technology will be developed to allow a quality 3D experience at home but if you're determined to get a 3D TV now, consider this.


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