Volcanic eruption linked to Super Injunctions

It should have been the end of the world as we know it. The 21st of May. Not an earthquake in New Zealand, of which there are approximately 30 every day but a second volcanic eruption in Iceland covering the atmosphere in dust, blanketing the sun and starting a new ice age.


The volcanic eruption was God's inability to keep to himself his knowledge of the identity of the super injunction villains. Seeing as God knows everything he just couldn't keep it to himself any longer. He was bursting to tell everyone. All these super injunctions and so much media attention.

Don't forget, God is a firm believer in the fundamental laws of freedom of speech and therefore heartily disagrees with these gagging orders. When creating the world as we know it the Lord very much created an open forum type society, everyone should have the right to voice his or her opinion. Why otherwise would he have allowed that f*cking snake to speak?! On the other hand, Virgin Mary giving birth??...eerrrr, I'm thinking he might have taken out a super injunction there.

Anyway, Mr Almighty erupted like a child unable to contain his excitement. It might also have something to do with the fact that He's a huge Chelsea fan and regularly visits the Ministry of Sound with Roman...or was it Heaven...


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