Singapore - Day 4

Monday 19 September

This morning we went to the Singapore Botanical Garden. 
Literally a stones throw away from Chloe and Graham's apartment the botanical gardens is also home to one of the most amazing collection of Orchids in the world. The cultivated orchid hybrid Vanda Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore and hence they take great pride in this rare species.

We  wondered through the grounds through the morning and had an ice cream for lunch.
The red line shows our route through the park. It was an amazing walk and seeing as we didn't visit the famous Orchid garden we were always coming back.

The vast array of vibrantly coloured orchids dotted around the park is breathtaking and I can now thoroughly appreciate the reason some genetic biologists dedicated their entire life's work to unravelling the genetic machination of this beautiful plant species.

With an amazing array of decorative fountains and lakes the gardens are a wonderfully peaceful place of contemplation. I would love to have a garden like that around the corner from me.

Established in 1859 the Singapore botanical gardens is unique in that it is open  from 5am until midnight every day.

The Gazebo below had musicians playing in it as far back as the 1930s!

For the rest of the day we enjoyed time with Chloe and Graham around the swimming pool and watching some of the Rugby World Cup.


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