Singapore - Day 5

Tuesday 20 September

We woke up to heavy rain so decided to take it easy. Charlie did some work (...most boring blog entry, everrrr) and I watched some egg chasing on TV.

In the afternoon we set out to conquer the famous shopping malls of Orchard Road with all the bravado and  confidence of an anti-shopaholic and someone who's visited recently built mega shopping mall, Westfield in west London. London (Stratford City) are building a second Westfield shopping mall next to the Olympic village which is supposed to be the largest mall in Europe.

So how bad can this really be?!

Ridiculous. I've never seen anything like it anywhere I've ever been. You can pretty much walk the length of Orchard road underground via interconnected shopping malls. In other words Orchard road below ground is one big shopping mall. Some would call it Hell on earth.

We got lost a number of times. Each individual mall is its very own MS Escher painting.Once escalator travels across 2 floors and the next only takes you to the next floor up.

Needless to say I didn't last particularly long in this maze of terror. I did however locate a decent camera shop where I would later buy my new Canon EOS 550!

We picked up some ingredients for dinner as we decided to cook our hosts a local dish. Singapore noodles.



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