Singapore - Day 6

Wednesday 21 September

I've been meaning to buy a digital SLR camera for a while now and was promised one for my 30th birthday so I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to purchase one tax free in Singapore!

I had identified a camera shop on Orchard road where I knew I could get a decent deal and so all I needed to do was head back there and try and get the best deal possible. In the end we settled on a Canon EOS 550 body, 2 lenses (18-55mm and 55-250mm), a IXUS 220, extra 8GB memory card, tripod, carrier bag,  cleaning kit and a guidebook. All in all not bad.

Straight back home to play with our new toys and to charge them up for the rest of the trip. Shame they weren't charged for our evening adventure at Singapore's Night Safari.
 Only 12km north of the city centre, located in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (Singapore's oldest primary rainforest). The rainforest is home to 500 different species of animal.

The night safari tour takes you around 8 different geographical regions of the world where the climate dictates the type of nocturnal animal. We had something to eat before embarking on a terrifying night trail, walking past the bat cave and across a suspension bridge. We saw the endangered Malayan Tiger and the striped Hyena, the only Hyena species found in Asia.

The best bit of the walk however was at the Flying squirrel enclosure where one of them flew inches from our faces and actually grazed Chloe's shoulder! Needless to say this freaked the girls out and we quickly departed the flying squirrel enclosure, only to enter the vampire bat enclosure. One of them eyed up Charlie and we instantly soldier marched single file out of that enclosure! Then we hopped on the tram that snakes through the park (red trail on map below) and ended back where we started. Brilliant fun.

To top of the evening we finished with the "Creatures of the Night" show at the park's amphitheatre. This was a typical animal show with a number of cunning little creatures and a host that put on the most awful English accent. Nonetheless, the recycling Otters definitely stole the show!

Also wanted to share with you this fantastic little chair I saw at one of the cafeteria's within the park...


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