Juice me up right nice!

When Charlie and I moved into our new house in west London about 5 years ago the best purchase we made wasn't the new sofa or the HD 1080p Samsung TV. Neither was it the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Cleaner, although I do love her (never loses suction, think about that for a second). The single most gratifying purchase was our Breville JE4 Commercial Style super juicer!

What a game changer. I never thought that making juices would tickle me the way it has. It started as the latest long term dietary road map suggested by Charles which lasted for about 3 days, or however long it took us to re-locate Lucky 7's, our local American burger joint. Nevertheless, without trying to stick to a regimented dietary schedule with the aim of losing 50lbs in 48 hours the pleasure you get out of this awesome machine knows no boundaries.

The book that got us into the whole thing still serves as our guide to everything juicy. It's Jason Vale's The Juice Master: 7lbs in 7 days. You can have a look at the infectious Jason Vale on his Juice Master website. There are plenty of video's on there and just watching him create one of his juices makes me smile if only because of his incredible passion. This guy looooves his juices and he wants to tell everyone about it. I'm a total convert. The day before yesterday I ordered Spirulina and Wheatgrass online. These are superfood ingredients used in a number of the juices. Now if you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be buying powdered superfood online for juicing purposes I'd have slapped you in the face and called you a whore. But look at me now!?

I love the simplicity, speed and healthiness of the whole circus. The machine can handle almost anything, pineapple pieces go in with skin and all as well as whole lemons. You name it the juicer juices it. I've even considered throwing in a Mars bar but I was sceptical of it's nutritional value so refrained from doing so.

Next week I'm going to see if I can live off just juices, breakfast, lunch and dinner...


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