I have never been one to believe in the latest fitness fads, with names such as the Abs Burner Pro 1000 XT or the Ab Crusher or some other ridiculous name like that. However I have now come across a workout program that claims I am weak and pathetic, basically calling me a pussy...

... challenge acCEPted!!!

After completing 1 week of the program however I rather regretted having acCEPted the challenge. 
Insanity is an incredibly tough daily workout during which you will be ankle deep in your own sweat before the end of each session. 

The program consists of a 60 day workout calendar where you do a different cardiovascular and/or power workout 6 days of every week. Daily sessions last between 40 and 45 minutes. Usually starting off with lower body strength work and gradually integrating upper body strength training. Every session is a set of repeated exercises where the speed and intensity is gradually increased and thus the workout get progressively more difficult and excruciatingly painful. 

The only problem I have with this workout is that it is extremely unforgiving for today's average working individual. If you want to stick to the program throughout the entire 60 days you can't really afford getting sloshed on a Friday evening or leaving the country for work or on holiday, unless you want to take your laptop with you and workout in the hotel or your guests house. Keep in mind this might result in a rather awkward moment if and when your host walks in on you furiously pumping your legs to the sound of some American steroid addict on heat (his name is Shaun T if you're wandering), sweat streaming down your face, at 8 in the morning. 

So my adventure finished after just 8 days but I have seen enough to be determined to start again and give it my full, undivided, insane attention!!


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