Boxing day at the Farm

26 December 2012

For boxing day we were invited by the Colin et al at his farm in the Dorset countryside.
I always enjoy going down to the farm to see all the goings on there. Colin's son Stewart is a fantastic young farmer. Enthusiastic, friendly and a great farm tour guide at that!

They had the farm warmly decorated for Christmas and we all had a drink (ale) to start us off before we  walked around the farm to get the updates and the news on the latest additions to the farm. The most proud addition to the family was a premium breed Dutch lady ready for insemination.

After the tour we sat down for a lovely late boxing day lunch including some amazing chocolate covered profiteroles to top it off. I must have had about 6 of them!

Post lunch high...
Post lunch comedown...

After lunch we obviously had some games! Namely guess the name on your forehead. This was accompanied with more drinks and much laughter of course.


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