Snow in the Park

Sunday 20th January

The first snowfall of the year. London looks so much more picturesque when covered in a layer of white powder. To enjoy the sights and sounds we decided to head to Queen's Park for a winter stroll with family and friends. 

Dressed accordingly we ambushed our company and were instantly engaged in a full on snowball fight that lasted for a good 15 minutes. 

After which we headed to the southwest corner of the park to engage in some mediocre sledging down the only hill in the park. Seeing as we didn't have the proper wooden sledge we had to make do with a tiny plastic button to slide down the hill. It is safe to say the adrenaline wasn't really flowing.

We had some hot chocolate in the park's little café and watched the snow keep falling. Just as we were leaving I spotted a pair of Monk Parakeets in the trees making a hell of a noise.

Green (ring-necked) Monk Parakeet

All in all it was a lovely snowy day in the park!

Charlie & Freddie


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