Home Refurbishments...

Garden Flat

We decided a while back that we wanted to get rid of our moth invested carpets on the stairs and on the landing upstairs. My first job was to rip up the carpet and have a look what was underneath. 

To my great relief the wood on the stairs was in pretty good shape as you can see below. They would only require a good sand down and the full paint job.

Below is a picture of the first layer of primer down...

The landing upstairs wasn't as well preserved as I'd hoped. Some of the floorboards were in pretty bad shape but I could work with them. I sanded the floorboards, filled in any large gaps with wood filler and then treated all the knots with wood knot and resin blocker, followed by two layers of primer.

We haven't decided yet as to whether we want a runner p the middle of the stairs yet and will see how we like it without and we can always decide to add one later.

For the rest of the upstairs space I might have to buy some new, reclaimed floorboards as I found PVC in place of wood floorboards underneath the carpet which is really disappointing. But that will have to wait for another day...


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