The Blind Pig

The Social Eating House - 23 April 2013

Opened the day before we went the Social Eating House was quite the experience. With a bustling atmosphere, a cool decor and rustic interior of exposed brick makes for a tantalising dining experience.

We had no idea what to expect but as soon as we were greeted at the front door we realised it would be a fun experience. We were ushered upstairs to the cocktail bar. Dimly lit, low mirrored ceilings and dark wooden furniture create an intimate feel. The copper topped bar finishes it off nicely.

The Blind Pig Cocktail Bar

The cocktail menu is original. You can order things like Thermo-nuclear Daiquiri and a Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't (Olmeca Altos blanco tequila, Aperol, grapefruit, lime juice, elderflower, Tabasco). We went for the 58 Poland and Cereal Killer, served in quirky drinking vessels.

58 Poland and a Cereal Killer 

Dinner is served in the restaurant at ground level and starts off with some original digestives served in "jars" containing things like Confit pork rillet, grain mustard, apple and cider vinegar or Salt cod brandade, potato chips, celery salt and vinegar and parsley oil. These jars fit the social eating theme, as you share them possibly with a nice glass of French red like we did.

Beautiful. And Charlie too!

The starters and main courses are varied with a British tint to them. Simple but delicious. The best combination in my opinion. They also have a decent wine list to accompany the your meal.

Confit lamb neck fillet, sheep’s ricotta potato, garlic and parsley

All in all a fantastic dining experience. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone!


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